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Exceed 6-Way (Pellets) offers the most comprehensive product available to high performance horses.  All-In-One, at an economical price.

5-IN-1™ H/A (Pellets) is the first "complete combination" product to contain high levels of active ingredients to properly support: Joints, Hoof, Coat, Digestion and Nutrition.  This unique ingredient combination targets all key areas of your horse's health with a highly effective economical approach.  5-IN-1™ H/A's calcium an phosphorus content compliments most grain and hay (alfalfa or grass) diets along with vitamins, trace minerals and amino-acids.  High level of active ingredients at an economical price!  Provide 2-4 oz daily.

In-Sync 4 (Pellets) is recommended to help support healthy muscle function, immune system, blood cell (oxygen) production and hair coat. Key ingredients (magnesium, vitamin E and lysine etc.) may help ease occasional muscle discomfort.


TRI-MUNE™ Provides 3 sources of antioxidant support to help stimulate healthy immune system response. Ester-C® is non-acidic and studies have indicated it's absorbed twice as fast as Vitamin C and indicated tissue and blood levels to be up to 4 times greater. Vitamin E protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and supports neurological function. Beta Glucans are shown to be immune response potentiators and modulators and are part of the first line of defense in immune response.

GASTRO-PLEX™ (Paste)  is recommended to help support healthy digestive function. Key ingredients (antioxidants, probiotics and herbals), help support healthy stomach tissue lining and may help ease occasional discomfort.